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We design our living walls with the most advanced systems on the market. We consider ourselves green geeks. We're continually creating with the newest technology that the horticulture industry has to offer — our team designs with both panel and tray systems. The panel green wall system provides flexibility to scale towering living walls while tray systems are perfect for small interior landscapes. Once we understand your project, we'll make our living wall system recommendation. 

We Paint Our Masterpieces With Plants.

Our award-winning designs use thousands of plant species in our living walls. Making each green wall unique and tailored to you.  Whether your vision is modern, jurassic, or colorful plants sweeping across your environment, we'll come up with your dream design. We work with plant pallets that can't even be found living together in nature. Making your green wall a modern marvel. 

Let There Be Light

Lighting design doesn't just highlight your living wall; it keeps it green and beautiful.  Proper LED lighting helps nourish your plants and keeps them happy in their new home. To the human eye, plant lighting looks natural, but to plants, it's essential to their health. During your lighting design, we consult how many lights are needed and where they should be placed into your space to make sure that the entire living wall is lite appropriately. For exterior walls, our horticulturists take into consideration which direction the vertical garden is facing and climate zones to which plants will perform best. How much lighting your green wall needs will vary based on the types of plant species used. Some species require indirect light, while others may require an average amount of light or even high light. However, one thing is sure; plants need light to survive. Though different plants require different durations of sun per day, most do not thrive in twenty-four-seven lightings. Just like us, plants need time to rest.

Design a Green Wall

That Will Makes Your Garden Jealous


Monstera or the "swiss cheese plant" is one of more exotic plants to help make your vertical garden make a statement. 


The most popular vein color is silvery-white, you can also readily find varieties with veins in pink, white, and green. 


Dracaenas are one of the hardiest plants for interior living walls. They're the perfect plant to create texture and shades of green and yellow. 

Devils Ivy

One of the best indoor plants for low-light situations, pothos is a vining plant that is super easy to care for and can be coaxed to climb or to hang from its resting place

Boston Fern

Boston ferns can help make your vertical garden come to life with its lush full leaves


Crotons add a brilliant splash of color to a living wall. They can help turn your vertical garden into a tropical paradise.

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