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Model Z

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Model Z

We believe nature plays a vital role in creating a healthier and happier environment for people. 

Zauben Living Wall
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IoT Technology


The Model Z is designed with hydroponic technology that conserves 75% less water than plants grown in soil, self-irrigates, and includes moisture sensors monitored by our plant care app making sure your plants are healthy. 

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Air Purification

Breath of Fresh Air

Plants improve air quality by removing particulates and filtering toxins out of the air. We design our living walls with resilient, allergy-friendly, and plants known for their air purification benefits that help breathe life back into your space and purify the air up to 87%.  

Order and Delivery


We deliver your living wall to your home or office so you can begin to enjoy the natural vibe and start breathing fresh air. 

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24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your living wall system in real-time to measure air quality and make sure that the living wall is receiving the perfect amount of water.

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Model Z 


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