No Need For a Green Thumb.

We Got You Covered.

Our Plant Care program makes your living wall experience all the easier. Enjoy your living masterpiece without having to maintain it. We work with a network of expert horticulturists to nurture your living wall throughout the months and seasons. Interior or exterior we got you covered.  With any beautiful garden, there's a green thumb in the works. The first year of installation is critical to your living walls success. The plants can take 6 months to adapt to their new home from being shipped from a nursery to root into the living wall drainage mat. 

Plant Care Made Easy

We like to think of our Plant Care program, not as maintenance but having your very own landscaper. We make sure that your vertical garden is as lush and green as the day it arrived. After each visit our horticulturist will share with you a summary report. See how easy that was.


Plant Replacement

Just as any beautiful garden we'll tend and care for your living wall and any plants that need to be replaced to keep your green wall, well, green. 

Prune &


We'll clean and prune your vertical garden monthly to make sure it holds its design integrity. 


Level Maintenance

Check moisture levels to make sure that the plants are receiving adequate water to encourage growth.

Plant Health


Our horticulturists are trained to inspect for any plant disease or insects.


Your Plants

We fertilize your plants to make sure that each plant is getting the proper nutrition to flourish in its environment.


Summary Report

After each visit we share with you a summary of our PlantCare report to share with you how your living wall is performing. 

Every Plant Detail Matters

During our visit, we access even the most challenging living walls.  Access can require our horticulturists to get a little creative. Our teams are trained to use lifts and ladders, making sure that the smallest detail to plants is being cared for and looking fresh.  We also include checking that lighting is properly set and hitting all the plants evenly. Yes, it's not only for accenting your beautiful vertical garden it's to help ensure that plants get the nutrients and light sensitivity to continue their growth. Finally, our team checks the fertilization, irrigation, and drainage system is running smoothly. 

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