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Living green walls are an innovative and customizable way to enhance the design experience.

Humans possess an innate desire to be close to nature. Yet, expanding city limits and growing dependence on technology point to increasingly artificial lifestyles. As the concrete jungle sprawls, progressive spaces–from hotels to co-working offices to senior living communities–are jostling to meet our primal psychological need for visual

appeal and make any space more functional and sustainable. Architects and designers alike turn to Zaubens living walls to add a visually stunning, adaptable, and scalable element that inspires healthier living and a better quality of life. 

Innovative Sustainable Design

More than the standard potted plant ever could, living walls create a focal point that captivates, invites, and incites. Creative elites are turning to nature-centered design for spaces that are not only visually appealing but also environmentally-conscious: Studies of vegetation in urban environments indicate that plants absorb harmful pollutants to offer improved air quality, while those outdoor increase shade and protect building exteriors. 
Zauben goes one step further, qualifying for LEED credits in sound abatement, materials and resources, energy and atmosphere, sustainable sites, and innovation in operations. And our living walls use 75% less water than other living wall systems available.

Living Walls Outdoor.jpg
Living Wall London.jpg

Crowd-Pleasing and Cost-Effective 

Humans are naturally drawn to plants, producing an effect in the prefrontal cortex that soothes and reduces negative thought. But plant-based design doesn’t just appeal to your clients’ customers: Its many efficiencies in energy usage and cost make our living walls a perfect choice for your clients’ bottom lines, as well. With LEED initiatives and energy-efficient processes, Zauben living walls and green roofs have been proven to reduce heating and cooling costs throughout the year, while increasing property values for both homes and businesses. 

Bring Your Project to Life

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