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Installation Requirements

We are so excited to help you green your world. It’s important to us that you have a smooth and seamless installation experience. To ensure this, we work with our professional installation partners to bring you your model Z with the utmost of care. 


Our installation team will deliver and install your Model Z at a location of your choosing. Zauben requires professional installation performed by authorized installers—we do not support self installation.


Table of Contents

Important Reminders

Space Requirements

Flush Installation

Wall Construction

Wall Surface Material


Important Reminders


  • It’s important to accurately measure the space prior to the day of installation. If the installation location does not meet the minimum requirements, the Installers cannot complete the delivery.

  • Our team is available to help with any questions on installation. Please give us a call at (312) 248-2982 or reach out to us at to discuss any concerns or specifics for the installation.


Space Requirements


Ceiling height: The Model Z requires a full 8 feet of ceiling height, measured between the floor and the ceiling. 


Surrounding space: The minimum space requirement for each Model Z is 6 feet as measured from the center of the Model Z; 3 feet to the left, 3 feet to the right, and at least 43 inches of clearance where the lightbar extends. 


We also recommend clearing at least 2 feet of space in front of each Model Z to make sure your plants get all the light they need to thrive. 

Model Z Front Spec.png

Flush Installation


What is a flush installation? 

A flush installation is when the Model Z sits right up against the wall with a very minimal gap behind it. There are no visible power cords. This is the cleanest look. 

Flush Installation requirements:  


  • Baseboard: A maximum thickness of ⅛” baseboard thickness is allowed, but no baseboard is even better. 

  • Outlet location: Each Model Z requires a grounded, three-pronged outlet within the 1.5” recess area. This area is 60 inches wide as measured from the center of the Model Z,  and located at a height between 4 and 16 inches from the floor. The Model Z must be plugged directly into a grounded outlet, without using an extension cord or surge suppressor.  

  • Note: Any electrical work to move or install an outlet needs to be performed prior to installation.

  • If installing multiple Model Z units side-by-side, there must be an outlet directly behind each model Z.  Installers will need pre-approval from Zauben before connecting a Model Z to an extension cord.


  • Surface mounted outlet boxes will not let the Model Z sit flush. Outlets must be flush with the wall surface. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 8.45.11 AM.png

What if I can’t install Flush? Can I still get a model Z? 

Absolutely. If your outlet is too high, or it’s on the floor, or if you have a baseboard, and you don’t want to make any physical changes, we will make it work for you. Typically the solution is spacing the model Z away from the wall by an inch or two. This is done to make room for a power cord to be run behind the unit. It will still look great!

Wall Construction:

Building walls must be structurally sound at all wall fastener locations. The Model Z cannot be installed against temporary walls, partitions, doors, or any other non-permanent surface. 

  • The Model Z does not need to be fastened directly to studs, however studs must be behind any wall surface to deliver the structural integrity that is needed for a safe installation. Walls constructed from brick or concrete do not require studs. 

Supported stud types:

  • Wood

  • Metal


Each model Z is shipped semi-assembled in a wooden crate.

  • If street level access is available, the following requirements may apply:​

    • Specific times of day in which large package deliveries may take place

    • Building approval for large package deliveries through public areas

  • If freight elevators are used for access, the following may apply:

    • Coordinate time for access to use freight elevator (may be a specific time slot)

    • Confirm if loading dock is at street level or from below, e.g., parking garage

    • Passenger elevator use is not generally possible due to the large crate size and would require special authorization from Zauben. 

  • Stairwell access would require special authorization from Zauben.

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