Living Walls

For Better Living

Performs Like No Other Living Wall, Because It's Like No Other Living Wall.


Self Watering

Good design considers the overall environmental impact from material selection to plant care. That's why we design with living wall systems  that distribute the perfect amount of water to circulate evenly throughout your living wall.


Plant Coverage

Our living wall system is built to thrive in interior and exterior climates with full coverage creating visual delight. Our designers aim to create a sensory experience: a feeling of calm, a sense of whimsy, or the surprise of color and pattern.


Green Your World

Our design experts will guide you through plant design, lighting, and plant care options. Green walls are dynamic--herb gardens continue to yield new growth; ferns become even more playful; flowers bloom in certain seasons. 


Plant Replacement

No need for a green thumb. We’ve got you covered. Each living wall comes with a 100% plant replacement guarantee through our Plant Care program. We take care of the rest.


Built to Last

Not only should your living wall be lush and green it should last for generations to enjoy. Along with Plant Care our green walls  are built to withstand the test of time.


Air Purification

Our vertical gardens offer air purification qualities to help breathe life back into your space. We like to design with with a variety of ferns and tropicals to create the most impact. 

We Got You Covered 

100% Plant Replacement

Green Walls

Natural Gathering

Innovative Design is


We’re aware of the earth’s water crisis, and are cognizant that our designs help to conserve it. We understand the long-term goals of sustainability, and that global change initiatives are needed. Our living walls offer the opportunity to take action. To connect to the solution, not add to the problem




We blend seamless green wall design with plant expertise to surprise our clients with natural beauty in uncommon ways. Our intuitive biophilic designs make every space more interesting and more alive. 
Living walls is part of a more sustainable solution. Every living wall makes a tiny dent in global warming. Our award-winning architects and designers blend nature + function. We design a world you want to live in. 

More Plants More Benefits

Vertical gardens leave you feeling both energized and relaxed. Spending time connected to nature nourishes the soul. It reduces stress, helps us recover from illness, enhances our cognitive skills and boosts our daily performance, whether at school, office or home. Our living wall systems bring nature inside. And, our clever designs will impress your clients. We create rooms that people want to stay in. Think of us as the green antidote to fluorescent lighting.

Living Walls

For Healthier Living

The Power of Plants

Benefits of Living Walls

Conclusive academic research, has shown that biophilic design has a positively impacts on our health and sense of well-being. Nature offers us a feeling of freedom and calm. Living green walls make our homes, offices and communal spaces more beautiful and inspiring.

Health & Wellness

Our mental well-being is not the only aspect of a person’s health that can be affected by a less-than-healthy urban environment. The EPA asserts that poor air quality associated with city pollution and a lack of green space can lead to health incidence in asthma, headaches, dizziness, and eye irritation.

Cognitive Performance

Artistic and beautiful surroundings have been shown to increase innovation and inspire creativity. Plants bring more than just out-of-the-box thinking – they also increase productivity among workers. In fact, participants in a Washington State University study experienced a 12 percent increase in productivity on a simple computer task when situated in a room with plants. 

Acoustic Performance

Depending on size, density and environmental factors –  plants can reduce sound indoors; this can be the difference in volume between a vaccum cleaner (75 dBA) and a lawn mower (90 dBA).

Air Purification

NASA has revealed plants can remove up to 87% of air pollution in 24 hours.  Plants in vertical gardens act as a natural air-filtration system by removing VOCs and other harmful impurities.

Natural Humidifier

Plants are natures natural humidifier. Dry air can affect our lungs and even can even cause our bodies to overheat. Plants help by releasing 97% of the water they take in. Living walls indoors offer the perfect way to add humidity back into the air we breathe. 

Energy Savings 

Studies show that green walls can lower the temperature of a room by 4 to 6 degrees. Green walls conserve heating or cooling depending on the season. Across a year, these cost savings can be significant. And, savings and energy is good for the planet.

Living Wall System

Form + Function


Our living wall system is more water-efficient than soil-based systems. We make our products from mineral wool the most sustainable and friendly materials to the environment. 


Plant survivability compared to soil based tray system that require 100% plant replacement every month. 


Our living wall system is hydroponic based and does not break down or decoy over time. 


Plant Replacement. We make sure your living wall stays green and lush with our innovative IoT sensors. 


24/7 Monitoring

We help manage your living wall system and air quality anytime from anywhere in the world with your Plant Care app. Watch your living wall performance in real-time and view historical maintenance reports.

Design Your Living Wall Masterpiece

Ready. Set. Grow

Work with our award-winning designers to bring your vision to life.  Our team will consult with you through the entire design process, plant selection, renderings, interior vs. exterior, we'll guide you along the way.


Work with our award-winning designers to design the perfect living wall. Our team will consult with you through the entire design process. Whether it's a living walls indoor, living wall outdoor, or in the beginning of a green wall construction we'll guide you along the way. Creating your very own living green wall masterpiece. 


We work with local nurseries to nurture and pre-grow our green walls. We use a variety of plant species in our living walls from tropicals to ferns and partner with greenhouses that specialize in regional plants. Our network can grow livings walls from San Fransisco to vertical gardens in cities like Chicago. Wherever you are, we can help green your world. 


We deliver and install your living wall at your location. Our products come with ongoing plant care to keep your vertical garden happy and beautiful.

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