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The world's leading brands choose Zauben.

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Breathing Buildings


We believe nature plays a vital role in creating a healthier and happier environment for people. Our living walls improve air quality by removing particulates and filtering toxins out of the air. 

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Built to Last


With proper care, Zauben walls are built to last indoors and out, enduring over 50 years, blending timeless design with enduring nature.

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Order and Installation

We’ll complete a remote assessment, custom design, and once approved coordinate with local greenhouses across the U.S. to begin growing plants in the living wall panels for 8-12 weeks. Then, we install your living wall to your location so you can start reconnecting with nature and unleash your productivity. 

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Peace of Mind

24/7 Plant Care

We monitor your living wall system in real-time to make sure that the living wall is receiving the perfect amount of water and maintaining the optimal moisture level for plants.

Data Software Visualization


Zauben leverages cove.tool for clear ROI visuals on green projects, showcasing energy savings, water storm management, heat island mitigation, and sustainability benefits of living walls and green roofs.



Self Watering

Good design considers the overall environmental impact from material selection to plant care. That's why we design with living wall systems  that distribute the perfect amount of water to circulate evenly throughout your living wall.


Plant Coverage

Our living wall system is built to thrive in interior and exterior climates with full coverage creating uncanny landscapes. Our designers aim to create a sense of interconnectedness.


Green Your World

Our team will guide you through plant design, lighting, and plant care options. Green walls are dynamic--herb gardens continue to yield new growth; ferns become even more playful; flowers bloom in certain seasons. 


Plant Replacement

No need for a green thumb. We’ve got you covered. Each living wall comes with a 100% plant replacement guarantee through our Plant Care program. Our team takes care of the rest.


Built to Last

Not only should your living wall be lush and green. It should last for generations to enjoy. Along with plant care our green walls  are built to withstand the test of time.


Air Purification

Our living wall system offer air purification qualities to help breathe life back into your space. We use plants that are resilient and known for their ability to help purify air.   

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Living Wall Specs


Delivery & Installation

Our team delivers and installs on-site, transforming your space with a touch of nature.

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Monthly Plant Care

Zauben will begin your monthly plant care routine, ensuring your living wall are healhty and looking their best.


Industry Leading Warranty

Our products are built to last a lifetime and covered under a plant care contract.

Bring Your Project to Life

Design Your Living Wall

Order Now

The research. Advancing through nature based climate solutions. 

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Energy Savings

Power Your Future: Unlock Savings, Unleash Efficiency

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Future Cities: Driving Decarbonization for a Sustainable Tomorrow

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Heat Mitigation

Building Tomorrow: Cities for Climate Resilience

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Diverse Life, Richer Earth: Cultivating Biodiversity for a Balanced World

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Human Wellness

Nurturing Nature, Enhancing Human Wellness

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Nature's Solution for Stormwater Management

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Our Work

See How We Bring Projects To Life

  • What is a Zauben Living Wall?
    A Zauben Living Wall is a vertically integrated garden that brings the beauty and benefits of nature into any indoor or outdoor space. It's a sustainable and innovative solution designed to enhance air quality, increase biodiversity, and improve overall well-being.
  • How are Zauben Living Walls installed?
    Our team of experts will handle the installation process, which involves mounting the wall structure, installing the irrigation system, and planting the selected plants. We ensure a seamless and efficient installation with minimal disruption to your space.
  • How do Zauben Living Walls work?
    Zauben Living Walls use a combination of hydroponic technology and smart design to support plant growth vertically. The system circulates water and nutrients to the plants, ensuring they receive everything they need to thrive, with minimal maintenance.
  • What types of plants can be used in a Zauben Living Wall?
    A wide range of plants can thrive in a Zauben Living Wall, from lush ferns and vibrant flowers to air-purifying greens. Our team can help you select the best plants for your wall based on your aesthetic preferences, lighting conditions, and maintenance desires.
  • Can a Zauben Living Wall be installed in any space?
    Yes, Zauben Living Walls are versatile and can be customized to fit various spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Whether it's a large amenity space, lobby area, or an outdoor terrace, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.
  • What maintenance is required for a Zauben Living Wall?
    Zauben Living Walls are designed for low maintenance, thanks to their automated irrigation and nutrient delivery systems. Regular maintenance includes occasional pruning, checking the water level, and replacing any plants as necessary. We also offer maintenance services to keep your wall lush and healthy.
  • How do Zauben Living Walls contribute to sustainability?
    Zauben Living Walls contribute to cleaner air by filtering pollutants and producing oxygen. They also help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for heating and cooling, and promote biodiversity by providing habitats for various species.
  • Are Zauben Living Walls suitable for office and residential?
    Absolutely! Zauben Living Walls are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. They add a unique aesthetic element, improve air quality, and can enhance productivity and well-being in office environments.
  • How long does a Zauben Living Wall last?
    With proper care and maintenance, a Zauben Living Wall can last for many years. The longevity of your living wall will depend on environmental factors, plant selection, and adherence to maintenance guidelines.
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