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For Us and Our Environment.

Incorporating green roofs into building design and construction not only provide benefits to the environment, but allows our cities, buildings, and homes to operate more responsibly. By using recycled materials, seeking fuel and power alternatives, and exploring other eco-friendly building options, we can affect change.

50+ Yrs

Built to Last

Our green roofs add an extra layer of protection to your building. Allowing your roof structure to go 50+ years without being replaced or needing maintenance. Garden rooftops prevent extreme temperatures and ultraviolet radiation that ultimately erode and weaken your roof over time. 


Water Storm Management

Our green roof designs are simple, beautiful, but also offer water management. The EPA has found that green rooftops can help reduce rainstorms runoffs by 75%. It works when the plants in our green roof system begin to naturally absorb rainwater through transpiration and release through evaporation. All the while the plants and growing substrate is retaining harmful pollutants that usually run into local waterways or treatment facilities. 

up to 50%

Tax Credits

Cities are investing in their future by incentivizing tax credit programs and grants. Learn more about your local policy by getting involved with programs such as LEED and BREEAM that are incentivizing new developments and existing buildings to think about the positive impact green design has on our social, economic, and  environments.


Air Purification

Green roofs is the new standard for policy makers and forward thinking cities to make a positive impact on the environment and the world. NASA  studies have found that plants can remove up to 87% air pollution and improve the quality of air we breathe through outdoor air vents. 

15 dBA  

Noise Pollution Reduction

Green roofs help with noise pollution. While developers are working hard on their projects green roofs can lower sound abatement by 15 decibels; depending on plant selection the difference in volume between a vacuum cleaner (75 dBA) and a lawn mower (90 dBA).

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Our green roof system are designed to be self sustaining. Allowing your rooftop garden to flourish throughout the seasons. Depending on the height of the building we recommend annual check-ups to weed out any seeds that may have been carried by nature.

It Saves Green to be Green.

The green roofs cost calculates potential future savings compared to a traditional roof. The algorithm calculates 25 years of estimated savings from stormwater management, real estate value, environmental benefits, and energy savings.

Green Roofs

Build Sustainably

Green Roofs Benefits

Take Part in Sustainability

We're a community of sustainability thought leaders. Designing a path for a better tomorrow. But we understand that decisions come down to budget and cost. Our green roof systems saves energy, create natural habitats, and positively impacts our cities economy and its communities.

Our green roofs are creating pollinator gardens and restoring healthy habitats for birds, bees, and butterflies. We're caring for natures caregivers. We design with a variety perennials, shrubs, blooming annuals, nectar and pollen-rich plants that grow throughout the season. When we keep our environment happy we’re all happy.


The Birds

And The Bees

up to


winter heat


up to


natural gas


up to


air-conditioning savings

up to






Energy Efficient

Green rooftops add beautiful landscapes to building tops but they also reduce energy consumption. Our green roof systems are helping cities combat heat islands and during the winter months save on energy consumption allowing the building to conserve heat. Become more energy efficient today and begin to lower energy costs all year round.

Green Roofs

Build Beautifully 

Design The Perfect Green Roof

Ready. Set. Grow

Work with our award-winning horticulturists to bring your green roof to life.  Our team will consult with you through the entire design process, plant selection, renderings, we'll guide you along the way.


Work with the best that nature has to offer: design a magical experience with our award-winning horticulturist team. 


We work with local nurseries  to nurture and grow our green roofs plants. We grow a variety of  perennials, rich-pollen plants, shrubs, and wildflowers to personalize your green rooftop.  


We deliver and install your green roof  system to your location. Leaving you to enjoy your new landscape. 

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