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Dare to 

Design Differently

At Zauben, we're building a movement of designers to fuse elegant form with unparalleled function. We're uplifting the human spirit and leaving each space better than we found it.  And by inviting nature back in, we're encouraging wellness and cultivating respite - one living wall and green roof at a time.


Innovative Design is

Environmentally Friendly.

We believe we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. Our living designs are  conscious of the impact it has on buildings, people, and the environment. 

Great Design Leaves Its Mark On The World.

Not The Planet.

In our mission to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly a portion of profits is donated to support the Environmental Defense Fund. 

Give to Protect Nature

You can make an impact to help fight climate change, protect vulnerable wildlife and their habitats, restore our oceans and safeguard your loved ones against toxic chemicals and pollution. Join the movement and be part of the change by donating to the Environmental Defense Foundation below. 

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