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End-to-End Service

Ongoing Plant Care

For all of us, a little TLC can go a long way. Your living wall is no different. Our plant care team is here to care for your Zauben products and office plants. The result— happier and healthier work environment for all, and a dynamic, ever-changing workspace that reconnects you with nature.

Monthly Plant Care


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Zauben offers ongoing plant care to keep your living wall looking lush and beautiful. Our twice-monthly service includes a 100% plant replacement guarantee, water tank refills, cleaning, and pruning plant growth. 

Plant Care Service


Plant Replacement

No need for a green thumb. We’ve got you covered. Each living wall comes with a 100% plant replacement guarantee through our plant services. 


Pruning & Trimming 

We prune to reduce excessive growth or shape plants as desired. Our team also prunes plants to allow more light in and to prevent them from becoming leggy or barren.


Irrigation Maintenance

We inspect moisture levels and adjust the irrigation system accordingly. Our team also inspects and tests emitters, filters, timers, sensors, and control system during our visit.



Deadheading not only removes the flower but also the developing seeds, redirecting a plant’s energy into foliage, root growth, and reblooming.



We add a balanced water-soluble fertilizer every three months to plants to make sure they are healthy.


Design Pattern

Shearing is used to maintaining the distinction between adjacent plant masses to preserve an overall design pattern.

24/7 Monitoring

Peace of Mind

We monitor your living wall system in real-time to make sure your plants are healthy and receiving the perfect amount of water.

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For more tips on how to care for your Zauben products, please contact us at

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