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Dallas Living Wall.jpg

Dallas, TX

1899 McKinney

Client Rastegar Properties
Design Zauben
Architect SCB
Location Dallas, TX
Sustainability LEED

Tallest Living Wall

North America's

"We wanted to help champion the sustainability goals of the city and create an example that other forward-thinking cities can follow. Zauben is offering a fresh perspective on how developers can grapple with some of the most urgent environmental issues, including air quality and carbon emissions."

Zach Smith, Founder & CEO

Designing with Nature


"Native plants are an important part of bringing back what was meant to be and coexist with humans. In this design, I have included several native plants along with other hardy vetted varieties. These plants will not only provide beauty but will replace what is lost in our built environment. Most importantly they will provide further sustainability for native pollinators and butterflies like the Monarch which feeds on asclepias purpurascens."

Nathan Beckner, Design Director

Rastegar SCB Rendering.jpg

Photography by Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Rastegar Rendering.jpg

Photography by Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Estimated to capture over 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide and produce 1,200 pounds of oxygen annually 

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