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There’s no easier way to infuse a sense of health and well-being in your healthcare facility than to incorporate the most organic medicine there is: nature itself. Recent research concludes that plants not only promote positivity but actually produce marked improvements in inpatient recovery, as well. 
Infusing care facilities with plant life also benefit employees, resulting in lower stress levels and higher productivity, which improves patient care, visitor engagement—and your bottom line. 

Promote Patient Wellness

The mere presence of plants in the hospital setting can create a more healing and nurturing environment that benefits patients beyond simply improving their demeanor. Studies have shown that rooms filled with plants have 50-60% fewer molds and bacteria in the air, as well as 20% less dust and other particulates, providing cleaner air for those in the healing process. 
Greenery in the healthcare setting has also been shown to improve physical health, lowering blood pressure and stress, limiting the need for analgesics, and even decreasing the amount of time spent in rehabilitation. Vertical gardens and other indoor greenery delight patients, add color and life, and counteract the sterility of typical healthcare environments, resulting in more positive attitudes and the motivation to be well. 


Operate Efficiently 

Hospital design is increasingly incorporating art, gardens, and other elements of beauty that not only delight visitors, but also positively impact patients and employees alike.


In addition to lowering stress levels and promoting well-being, living walls can generate cleaner air and shorten time spent in rehabilitation, lowering hospital costs for both medicine and patient stays. 
With an increase in patient well-being and employee productivity, hospital wait times also go down and visitor satisfaction goes up. Sagegreenlife living walls work with any space you designate, attracting passersby from the outside, engaging visitors in the lobby, and delighting patients during their stay. 

Bring Your Facility to Life

Design Your Living Wall

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