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Model Z


Fully refundable. Once your order is placed you will have the color option to customize your Model Z black or white. Deliveries will begin late September 2021. Monthly plant care starts at $200 per month and  is purchased separately

Includes 24/7 plant care monitoring.

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Industry Leading Warranty

Our products are built to last a lifetime and covered under a plant care contract.

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Experience 30 days of reconnecting with nature in your space.

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  • What plants grow in living walls?
    There is a variety of plant species that can be grown in a living wall ranging from ferns to tropicals. When considering a living wall, it's essential to factor in the climate zone and whether the vertical garden will be interior or exterior. Exterior green walls are designed with local plants grown in the area due to their ability to naturally adapt. For example, an exterior living wall in Chicago may use shrubs and hardier plants than a living wall in San Francisco. Southern states like allow more freedom in plant species and enable the horticulturist to be more creative in plant design. Indoor living walls are designed with plant species that aren't found together, even in nature. We bring your vision to life and consult along the way to make sure your vertical garden is a living work of art.
  • What are the types of living walls systems?
    The two most popular living wall systems are the panel and tray system. The panel living wall system provides flexibility to scale towering vertical gardens while tray systems are perfect for small interior landscapes. Both systems are required to have a plant program in place. For every beautiful garden, there's a green thumb.
  • How much does a living wall cost?
    There are a few factors that affect a living wall quote. The climate zone, size of the wall, installation, interior vs. exterior, lighting, plant care, and plant design can drive living wall costs from $250 - $350 sq ft. The general rule of thumb is the larger the project, the less the price per sq ft.
  • Do living walls increase property value?
    Research suggests a property that incorporates living walls or plants within the built environment can increase real estate value by up to 20%. Hotels, shops, and restaurants have been using green walls to create relaxing environments to market to green-conscious customers. Vertical gardens create the perception of value in the minds of the consumer, whether it's a product, property, or restaurant people are more likely to pay a premium. Studies have shown hotels with green walls have higher occupancy rates than those without a vertical garden. However, more conclusive research needs to be done before purchasing a green wall for the sole purpose of increasing property value.
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