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Fully refundable. Once your order is placed you will have the color option to customize your Model Z black or white. Deliveries will begin late September 2021. Monthly plant care starts at $200 per month and  is purchased separately

Includes 24/7 plant care monitoring.

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Industry Leading Warranty

Our products are built to last a lifetime and covered under a plant care contract.

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Experience 30 days of reconnecting with nature in your space.

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Awards and Honors

The Model Z has been honored and awarded for TIME 100 Best Inventions, Interior Design Best of Year Awards, and Architizer A+ Awards for Best Sustianable Design Product.


Zauben set out to design a product that makes an impact on the world. Not the planet. To do so, we designed the Model Z with Cradle to Cradle certified materials that contribute to LEED v4 and WELL certifications. The entire block portion is 100% recyclable and made from mineral wool and recycled materials.


The Model Z offers a distinct plant palette, which has been carefully designed by our horticulturists to combine beauty, air purification, and minimal plant maintenance. Varieties include Dracaena compacta, Ficus Repens, Philodendron “Brasil,” and Arboricola “Mini Green"


The lighting bar is 1.5 watt LED plant specific lighting attached to the top of the Model Z and timed by the plants natural light cycle from 7am to 10pm to optimize growth.

Installation Requirments

A standard three prong 120 v outlet is all that's needed upon delivery. The Model Z electrical cord come from behind the unit where it can be plugged in and tucked away.