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Office Design Trends We'll See in 2023

With each new year comes a whole new round of design trends, and 2023 is no exception. As we move away from the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, more employees return to the office, and a push towards wellness in the workplace continues, you can expect some big changes in the new year.

Keep reading as we highlight those to pay attention to if you want to stay ahead of the trends and keep your office space modern and attractive for clients and employees in the new year.

Sustainability and a Focus on Net Zero

One of the most significant changes we are seeing in building design is a revitalized focus on sustainability. World leaders and individuals alike are increasingly pushing for a future that's more sustainable, with an aim toward net zero production. While this trend has already been in the works for a number of years now, new and emerging research into sustainable building materials, efficient HVAC and electrical systems, and more are causing renewed interest, especially as we face challenges like a growing global population.

What does this mean for your existing office? It means looking for new ways to implement sustainability, like improving your recycling system, upgrading your HVAC, or opting for eco-friendly materials during a remodel. Even simply turning off your computers, lights, and other tech and electronics each night can go a long way toward reducing your office's carbon footprint.

If you are a business owner who rents your office space, you might not have as much control over the building itself or the materials used in its construction. However, there are still solutions you can utilize to make your space more eco-friendly. For instance, you can choose sustainably sourced or eco-friendly furniture and office products. You can also add natural elements in place of other decor. A living wall from Zauben is both functional and eco-friendly, and is a great alternative to other decor or even alternative plants in the workplace.

Connectedness Through Open Plans

Another office design trend that's likely to continue into 2023 is open-plan offices with lots of shared workspaces. Although there was a point during the COVID-19 pandemic when these began to fade from popularity, open, well-ventilated spaces are once again on the rise. Think large, open rooms with high ceilings, oversized, flat-top desks, and comfortable communal spaces.

Even if you can't implement this trend across your office space, creating open, inviting shared spaces like meeting rooms or common areas can still help your office to feel more spacious and inspire collaboration.

Integrating Hybrid Work as the Norm

Offices designed to account for the growing hybrid work trend are also increasingly becoming the norm. Often, this trend includes an increased integration of technology to help employees stay connected both while in the office and away. It also may mean shared workspaces to allow for a smaller overall office size, especially if employees aren't in the office full-time or large portions of employees aren't in the office at the same time.

The need for a connected workforce has forced all kinds of technological changes into everyday businesses. As a result, businesses that have invested in this trend ahead of the pandemic or in the midst of it are now reaping the rewards. Teams are more connected than ever, easily able to communicate and collaborate no matter where they are. This is a trend that's unlikely to disappear at any time in the near future.

The Rise of the Smart Office

Besides helping teams to collaborate while working remotely, technology is also making its way into other parts of our offices. One design trend that's on the rise is the use of smart technology to revolutionize how we use the office. For instance, smart sensors can now dim or raise the lighting based on the natural light coming inside or even adjust the temperature inside the office.

Businesses with a large number of remote or hybrid employees may utilize smart technology to let employees "book" office space each day. This makes it easier to downsize traditional desk space, and make way for more collaborative or fun spaces. Bars, game rooms, and funky, modern seating options are all becoming increasingly common, as many businesses aim to attract employees back to the office.

Green-Minded Interior Design

Sustainable design trends aren't the only nature-inspired changes coming to offices. A continued interest in biophilic design will also persist into 2023. Even in cases where the design or materials aren't necessarily eco-friendly, biophilic elements are helping offices to reap the benefits of naturally-inspired elements. Besides real plants, like those on a living wall, the use of the color green, natural wood finish, and lots of natural light will continue to be popular.

COVID-19 spurred a renewed interest in biophilic design. Alongside an increased interest in offices that support employees' mental and physical health, an interest in offices that incorporate plenty of fresh air, outdoor spaces, and natural light has also occurred. Incorporating these design trends is a great way to help employees feel healthier, more productive, and more creative.

Head Into 2023 with Zauben

One of the easiest design trends you can take advantage of in the new year is the move toward sustainable, naturally-inspired decor elements. A living wall from Zauben is one of the simplest ways to add real plants to your workspace. Our low-maintenance, mess-free living walls are as much a beautiful piece of decor as they are a living garden. Your employees reap the benefits of cleaner air, more productivity, and a reduction in noise pollution, while you get a living wall that adds no work or maintenance to your existing routine.

As we move into another year of modernization and ever-changing trends, let the professionals at Zauben help you create a green-centric office space with a brand-new living wall.


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