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Supporting Creativity in Your Workforce Could be the Key to Long Term Growth

Productivity seems to be the buzzword of every busy office. As a result, employers are constantly looking for ways to make their workers more organized, efficient, and mission-driven. Yet, recent research is finding that there’s one overlooked and undervalued skill within the modern workplace that is paramount to success: creativity.

Without creativity, there is no productivity, innovation, or drive. So, how can employers shift their focus and unlock creativity as the key to their long-term growth?

In this article, we not only delve into why creativity is so important in the workplace but also reveal the best ways you can foster greater creativity in your office starting today.

The Importance of Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity is defined as the ability to generate fresh or unique ideas and translate them into reality. Therefore, creativity can play a crucial role for companies in any field.

Let’s take a closer look at several ways your workplace can benefit from a boost of creativity.

Creativity Fuels Innovation

Employees that can think creatively and outside the box are more likely to develop innovative and original solutions to problems they face. This drive to solve challenges can lead to new ways to accomplish tasks, thus contributing to your business’s long-term growth and success.

The ability to employ creative-thinking techniques also leads employees to question the present ways of doing or thinking about things. Organizations that are open to new or unexpected possibilities can drive excitement for their products or services and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Creativity Allows Greater Adaptability

The business world is a constantly changing environment that necessitates creative solutions. Though adaptation is necessary, creative problem-solving doesn't always require big changes to your corporate strategies.

To increase efficiency, you can create a brand-new product or service or make a small adjustment to the way your business is conducted. A great example of the need to adapt was seen with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, where many companies had to alter their business model in order to survive such unprecedented times.

Creativity Improves Collaboration

Employees of all levels must respect and listen to one another in order to collaborate effectively. People that utilize creative thinking tend to be more flexible and open-minded, which makes them more eager to explore other people's ideas. As a result, they tend to be less judgmental too.

When employees use creativity in a team brainstorming environment, it can also produce more ideas that are of a higher quality. This is because each team member can build upon the idea being put forward, thus resulting in an even more successful idea than they may have reached by themselves.

Creativity Boosts Job Satisfaction

According to research, a creative atmosphere leads to more engaged and motivated employees, who have greater flexibility and control. This, in turn, leads to higher job satisfaction.

When workers were surveyed about creative skills in the workplace, the results concluded that when they can express their creativity at work, it makes them feel “empowered, motivated, inspired, engaged, energized and proud.” Additionally, 64 percent of workers said creativity in the workplace has a positive impact on work-life balance, while 71 percent agreed it has a positive influence on the company’s profits.

Creativity Enhances Productivity

Remember how we mentioned earlier that productivity is one of the most valued skills by employers? Well, it turns out that the key to boosting this productivity actually lies in creativity.

Utilizing creativity within the workplace can push employees out of their comfort zones and bring a fresh perspective to their day-to-day tasks. This counteracts monotony, which can have a detrimental effect on productivity.

Participating in creative processes also encourages employees to become more emotionally invested in their work, thus enhancing their passion. This passion goes hand-in-hand with sparking motivation and productivity.

How to Foster Greater Creativity Among Employees

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can encourage greater creativity within your workplace. We’ve included the top 5 methods below.

1. Encourage Innovation and Idea Sharing

It's important to help employees to feel comfortable sharing their ideas or opinions. When leaders or fellow team members are quick to shut down the suggestions of others, it creates a harmful environment that discourages creative thinking.

Instead, frequently ask employees for their thoughts on relevant matters and establish ground rules to ensure all workers listen and respond respectfully to their peers.

2. Diversify Teams

The process of problem-solving is dramatically improved when a range of viewpoints, insights, and learning preferences are involved. Therefore, it’s best to ensure teams are as diverse as possible. After all, if everyone has the same opinions or way of thinking, then they may generate one-dimensional ideas that fail to be built upon and improved.

3. Set Up Spaces for Creativity

Does your office have separate areas within it that are designed purely for enhancing creativity? Ensure your workers have access to breakout zones that they can use for brainstorming sessions or simply to unwind. Use artwork, plants, technology, and comfortable furniture to create a space that’s perfect for focusing on innovation and idea generation.

4. Use Color to Your Advantage

Did you know that certain colors can also be used within your office to naturally enhance creativity? A study by the University of Columbia has found that blue encourages us to think outside of the box and be creative, particularly for tasks such as brainstorming. Other colors said to enhance creativity in the workplace include yellow and orange.

Consider using these colors within your furniture, decor, or wall color choices to experience the positive effects.

5. Install a Living Wall

A report into the impacts of biophilic design has revealed that employees who work in surroundings with natural elements (like plants) are 15 percent more creative than those who do not. Rather than dotting your limited office space with plants here or there, however, consider adding a stunning display of greenery with a living wall.

Living walls contain hundreds of beneficial plants and save space with their compact, vertical design. This also makes them perfect for use as a decorative walls, or even as a portable room divider.

With other benefits such as increased productivity, improved air quality, a boost in employee well-being, and a reduction in noise pollution, living walls are a must for any indoor workplace.

Unlock Greater Creativity in Your Office

Research has proven that creativity is a vital skill for long term success and growth in any industry. Unlocking the benefits of greater workplace creativity is simple to do, and is something you can begin working on today.

Want to start by installing a beautiful living wall within your space? Talk to the experts at Zauben to find out more about our award-winning Model Z living wall.


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