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To ensure that you have the appropriate structural wall please attach a picture for each install location. Take the pictures directly in front of the wall where each Model Z will be located. If more than one Model Z will be installed side-by-side at this location, please make sure the pictures show the entire area, with all outlets and potential obstructions in full view.

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Model Z's New Home

Grab your tape measure. In this section we need you to take some measurements.

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 11.25.04 AM.png
Model Z Front Spec.png

This is to ensure that there are no obstructions in the way of accessing the water tank or preventing light from reaching the plants.

Drywall, concrete, and wood paneling are supported wall materials. The type of wall may vary throughout a building and depending on if it is an internal or external wall. See our guide of supported materials here.

Delivery & Install 

If someone else will meet the Installers, please provide their name and contact information.

Please enter a numerical value. (Ex. Basement = 0, Main floor = 1, Second floor = 2, etc. )

What's Next?

Our team will contact you after we have reviewed the details of your installation space and then provide ongoing updates about the status of your order.

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