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From privacy cubicles to ergonomic chairs to standing desks and beyond, office design is paramount in the well-being and efficiency of those working within the space. Over the past few decades, research has shown the benefits of nature in the workplace: what’s good for employees is good for their companies. 
As the war for top talent continues to build, the world’s biggest brands are using biophilic elements as a selling point in recruitment to prompt increased engagement, higher productivity, and stronger retention, driving both top and bottom-line growth. 

Attract Top Talent

A study by the New University of Technology Sydney found that workers with plants throughout their workplace experienced a 30-60% reduction in stress levels and negative 
At a time when less than half of all workers report being satisfied with their jobs, a high-quality workspace that promotes employee well-being is more vital than ever. While there are many paths companies can take to create a more serene, inspirational space for their teams, one of the most efficient methods is incorporating biophilic design like living walls into the work environment. Those with access to natural elements in their workspaces experience increased perceptions of well-being by up to 15% feelings. Conversely, those without greenery reported increases in overall negativity by 20-40%.

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Reduce Sickness and Fatigue

Cold and flu-like symptoms make it difficult for employees to perform at their best. Studies show that the presence of plants can actually reduce these symptoms: In a study by the Agricultural University of Norway, just three plant containers were added to an office environment. After three months, workers reported reductions in coughing (37%), fatigue (30%), stuffy nose (28%), and dry throat (24%), among other symptoms. With simple plant installation solutions, employers can alleviate and even bypass these issues.

Bring Your Workplace Life

Design Your Living Wall

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