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What Does an Investment in a Plant Care Subscription Really Save You?

Investing in a green wall for your business lobby or office space can spark creativity and productivity among employees, improve indoor air quality, add a beautiful backdrop for video calls, and more. Reaping the benefits of a living wall starts immediately after installation. And even the installation process is stress-free!

With Zauben you get a service that includes a seamless set-up and installation into your chosen space. Our team comes in and fits and assembles your living wall in less than an hour. You can even take it with you when you move, doing it yourself or getting our experts in to disassemble and conveniently reassemble the wall in your new space.

However, what about all of those moments in between? Unlike fake greenery you sling around a couple of ceiling rafters, a living wall needs care and attention. While you could do this yourself, there are many more reasons to use Zauben's plant care subscription for the continued maintenance of your living wall. Let's take a closer look at this unique and convenient service option.

Zauben's Plant Care Subscription

Once you get your living wall delivered and assembled, we want you to be as sure as we are of our Model Z product. That's why we give you a 30-day trial that allows you to test out the wall and begin to reap the benefits that come from bringing nature inside. We even have a warranty that rivals any other in the industry, giving you a promise that our products are built to last a lifetime.

In addition to our warranty, we also offer our Plant Care Service subscription. For a monthly fee, we cover all your plants and their care and tending for the life of the wall, which lasts as long as you want it in your space. When you decide to sign up for our Plant Care Service, you can rid yourself of any worry regarding the color of your thumb. Whether you have a green thumb or have never set your hand to plant maintenance, our specialists make it so you don't have to give it a second thought.

With our Plant Care Service, a member of our team visits your living wall to add water to the self-watering system, check plant health, and remove any dead leaves. You'll also get our 100% plant replacement guarantee, meaning our team will remove any suffering plants on your wall and replace them with new, lush greenery.

All that is left for you to do is to reap the benefits of the living wall system. This program doesn't only save you the money on plant care and replacement, but also the time it takes to keep each individual plant healthy and happy for the remainder of its life.

How Much You'll Save With our Plant Care Service

The Plant Care Service subscription includes end-to-end servicing that guarantees the continuous and constant health of your living wall, with a lifetime guarantee. The subscription costs $349.99 per month.

Consider the money you would have to spend hiring someone to prune, water consistently, fertilize the right amounts at the right time, and replace any dead plants. Plant replacement alone can get costly — especially if you don't have experienced professionals caring for your plants. The savings is clear.

What Does Our Plant Care Service Look Like?

Zauben's ongoing plant care system includes twice-monthly servicing. Each time your plant wall needs to be serviced, we send out one of our green-thumbed experts and they get to work with all the TLC your wall needs.

This includes keeping the water system cleaned and functioning properly. It also includes pruning and shaping the plants on the wall to ensure full coverage and a neat appearance. Not all plants grow the same, even if they belong to the same species. We ensure that the wall's appearance is clean and uniform at all times. If we notice that there are spots in need of replacement, we get right on it, bringing out the right plants for the job and continuously adapting the wall to be perfectly suited for your interior.

We work together with those who get to enjoy the wall in order to ensure your continued satisfaction with the product. After each of our monthly services, we ask for a monthly report to prevent any potential issues or areas of dissatisfaction and confirm that all of our plant care specialists have done as thorough a job as possible to maintain the wellness of your green wall.

The questions are simple and don't require any details too specific or that would require knowledge of the plants themselves. Instead, you report on the aesthetic of the wall, and whether you thought any styling was needed to maintain the appearance of the wall. You also have access to a team of plant care specialists any time you need us in case there is an immediate problem or even a simple plant care question you have about the wall before a specialist would be due to visit.

Keep It Green for Years to Come

The couple of times we visit each month aren't the only time we check in on the quality and health of your wall. Our team also remotely controls your wall. They can check in on its irrigation needs, the levels of humidity, temperature, and other metrics to be able to identify the root of any problem should one arise. That means that every day, week, and month we are watching and working in the background to ensure that your living wall is healthy and thriving.

If you are interested in getting more information on the Model Z green wall from Zauben, contact our sales team today. Have you already invested and are looking for a better, more cost-effective way to maintain your wall? Get back in touch with us and we can begin your 24/7 plant care monitoring and twice-a-month servicing as soon as you would like, saving you money, time, and trial and error in the process.


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