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What Does the Process of Adding a Living Wall to Your Office Look Like?

Living walls are one of the easiest and most stunning ways to bring nature into your office. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also offer a wide array of benefits to you and your employees, including boosted productivity and creativity, not to mention greater health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Installing a living wall in your own office space might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We reveal the simple 5-step process of adding a plant wall to your workspace. Trust us – it’s easier and more affordable than you think.

Step One: Choose a Location for Your Living Wall

The first step to any living wall setup is to determine the optimal location for installation. Is there a large expanse of empty wall in your office crying out for some decoration? Or perhaps a smaller, more secluded space that could be made more Zen?

Consider a site that receives a lot of natural light. Then analyze functional aspects. Where can you position your wall to provide the most enjoyment from the key office viewpoints?

Some of the most popular places where a living wall is installed within an office include in conference rooms, behind front desks, or even in the main foyer. Living walls aren’t just for indoor spaces though. Employees can also benefit from plant-clad walls on balconies, courtyards, and other outdoor common areas.

It’s also important to note that a living wall doesn’t have to be installed on pre-existing wall space. Zauben’s Model Z living wall, for example, can also act as a freestanding wall for dividing spaces. It fits anywhere in your office and can even be taken with you when you move.

Step Two: Measure Your Space

Once you’ve decided on the perfect space, or spaces, for a living wall, the next step is to measure the location. Use a tape measure to accurately determine the height and width of the area. This allows you to decide the perfect size for your vertical plant installment, as well as how many individual living walls you may need to fill the space.

Our popular Model Z living wall measures 96” tall by 72” wide and 6" deep. This is the optimal size living wall for many office spaces, however those looking to fill a larger area can simply place multiple Model Z living walls next to one another. This creates a seamless and lush garden across any vertical zone.

In terms of installation requirements, the Model Z requires a full 8 feet of ceiling height, measured between the floor and the ceiling. The minimum space requirement for each Model Z is 6 feet as measured from the center of the Model Z; 3 feet to the left, 3 feet to the right, and at least 43 inches of clearance where the lightbar extends.

We also recommend clearing at least 2 feet of space in front of each Model Z to make sure your plants get all the light they need to thrive.

Step Three: View Your Living Wall System

We always recommend that business owners should check out their chosen living wall in-person before having it installed. This not only allows you to see exactly how your living wall looks in-the-flesh, but also touch it, view the plant selection up-close, and understand its inner workings.

At Zauben, we have accessible showrooms which allow you to do just that. Business owners can gain an accurate feel for their potential new living wall, view demos, and ask our living wall experts any questions they may have.

The best part is, you don’t even have to live near a showroom to gain a demonstration of the Model Z living wall. You can also schedule a virtual demo with our experts to ensure you learn everything there is to know about your living wall.

Step Four: Have Your Living Wall Professionally Installed

Once you’ve ordered your living wall, the next step is to have it professionally installed on-site. Although setup is simple, it’s always best to leave it to the experts – especially so they can ensure everything is accurately placed and in perfect working order.

The Model Z living wall is shipped flat, directly to your office, then installation is complete in under an hour. Its quick and easy setup means no construction, no noisy power tools, and no work interruptions.

Because it holds a 1-month watering tank at the base that recirculates water throughout the living wall, no plumbing or drainage is required. Our living wall is also made from a recyclable hydroponic growth medium that’s 10X more water-efficient than soil. This allows your office to reap the benefits of no dirt and no bugs.

Step Five: Maintain and Care for Your Living Wall

Regular care is key to maintaining your living wall. Thankfully, when you install the Model Z living wall, you can leave all of the maintenance to Zauben’s professional plant care team.

Our twice-monthly service includes:

  • Pruning and trimming to shape plants and reduce excessive growth to allow more light into your workspace

  • Watering and irrigation maintenance where our team also inspects and tests emitters, filters, timers, sensors, and the control system during our visit

  • Deadheading to redirect a plant’s energy into foliage, root growth, and reblooming

  • Fertilizing plants using a water-soluble fertilizer every three months to ensure they remain healthy

  • Shearing to maintain the distinction between adjacent plant masses and to preserve an overall design pattern

Plus, we monitor your living wall system in real-time to make sure your plants are healthy and receiving the perfect amount of water.

Enjoy Easy Living Wall Installation in Your Office

Bringing nature into your office space shouldn’t be a complicated or expensive process. If you want to enjoy the beauty and benefits of a living wall, check out our Model Z or contact Zauben today. Our experts take the hard work out of a living wall so you and your employees can focus on doing what you do best!


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